Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sneak Peek and gardening

I am working on a placemat for the placemat swap sponsored by Krommama at House of Krom. Here is a sneak peek of my project:
I am having a lot of fun with this one! I hope my partner loves it. More pictures of placemats are here on flickr.
Our garden has been taking up a lot of my other time. Here's how it's been growing:
First: Potatoes in tires! This is my husbands experiment. I think it is working but I guess we'll find out later! It is fun to watch, though not a pretty garden picture.

And next are green beans. We always have good luck with those!

Now, I am off to work!


Terrie Sandelin said...

The sneak peak of the placemat looks great. Love the fabrics.

marmielu said...

Hi, Debbie! Thanks for stopping over to visit me, and leaving a comment.
I like your blog! Your quilting work looks really nice. Quilting is something I haven't tried, and is on my "someday" list. I like the color combinations on the placemat.
The potatoes in the tire is great! How did the experiment turn out?
Mary Lou

Tora said...

Debbie, Thank you so very much for the beautiful doll quilt! I absolutely love it! The package has been sitting in my garage for over a week (hubby covered it up with a blanket from my car when he cleaned it out the other day).

It looks wonderful on the dining room table - the colors are perfect and the sachet is wonderful - did I mention how much I love lavender????

Thank you so very much - what a fun experience this has been for me - I'm a new quilter and I have lots to learn...thanks again - pics will posted on my blog this week!