Friday, August 29, 2008

Block 2 is Done!

Today was the day for me to cut and sew block #2 of Judy's Star BOM project. I was happily cutting the fabric and thinking that I don't usually enjoy the cutting part as much as the sewing part, but that this time it was kind of fun because of the challenge of the 16th's. I obviously felt good about the cutting and moved onto the "fun part." Okay, so today it wasn't as fun because I not only cut the wrong fabric for some of the triangles, but I also cut the inner border, that we had the option to mitre, too wide. Of course, I realized that the mitre was too wide AFTER I finished sewing it on. I had already cut out the second set of triangles to replace the wrong ones so I was borderline annoyed/grumpy with myself (I guess I could have used what I cut but I am a rule follower and thought that wouldn't do). Anyway, I tried to trim the mitre but figured that this would only work if I had done everything else perfectly and even then it would be iffy. Somewhere in my quilting education, someone has said never cut a block to adjust it, so I try not to. Needless to say, it really didn't work and would have looked really bad if I had left it as is. I have too much quilting pride for that so I cut another border and at the last minute decided one mitre was enough for today, so I just sewed the border on as regular strips.

I am happy with it. I only wanted to do the mitre to prove that I could, to myself ,and if I am being honest, to the rest of the quilty gals making these blocks. I took a picture of the removed mitre and of the two different strips that I cut.

It was still fun and I have learned from this block. The picture doesn't show any contrast between the light green and the light pink, but it looks better in person. Thanks again Judy for providing the patterns and opportunity. I am looking forward to block number 3!
While I was in the sewing room taking pictures, I snapped a few of my favorite things in the room. One is this one of a cat quilt I made a long time ago:

I love the funky and fun look of these gals. I also took a picture of my pincushion collection:

These pincushions are right above my mini Raggedy Anns and teddies, two other things I love. And finally I took this picture:This makes my room look tidy, but it really isn't. It is a super small room. I am sure some of you have closets that are bigger! I am happy just to have the space to sew and admire my favorite things. It makes the mistakes much easier to handle when I can look around at the things that make me smile. I hope you all are smiling today. Debbie

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Block One of Judy's 2BOM

I have finished my first block from Judy's @BOM pattern. I am very pleased with my colors but I don't think the camera did it justice. The light is a little bright and you can't see the contrast as well. I will join the group of quilty girls that were wondering about the 1/16" cuts. I was a little worried but it all seemed to turn out okay. I will definitely be paying attention to my details so the blocks will all fit together. I am very pleased with the first step and can't wait for #2! Thanks to Judy for this fun, learning project.