Thursday, March 5, 2009

Improv quilt

I haven't written on my blog forever! I love to read other blogs though and check to see if there are any new posts on my favorites probably as much as my son tries to play on his x-box. That's alot!
In my daily, blog reading I have been learning about Improvisational quilts here, at Tall Grass Prairie Studio and here at crazymomquilts by Amanda Jean. Amanda Jean, who I just know through her fun blog, is a prolific quilter and she has really motivated me to try her style of quilting with lots of fun color on white backgrounds in an improv style.
Jacquie at Tall Grass Prairie Studio, who I also know only from her blog, is another prolific quilter, and she is sponsoring a charity quilt project called Project Improv. You can check that out at the link above. Talk about motivation! So, I gave it a try and here is what I created. These are all of my blocks and I am figuring out how I will arrange them in a quilt.

It was so much fun. I love the puzzle part of quilting so I felt like this style was just made for me. I didn't get too crazy but I definitely got outside the box but took my rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler with me! The crazier block in the middle here is for the back of the quilt. I actually realized I had too many blocks to work with so I sewed it and the little one next to it with the polka dot center together and will put them in a strip on the back.

So hopefully next time I post, which WILL be this week, I will have pictures of my finished quilt top. Happy sewing!


jacquie said...

this is looking so good, debbie. i can't wait to see how you put them all together!


Very cute! can't wait to see it all together! nice job!