Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back on track with Block 3 and 4

I finally got back on track with Patchwork Times Block of theMonth today.

I finished blocks 3 and 4 this afternoon. Unlike the second block, these two blocks went together very well. I like the colors and the designs and continue to be excited about the next block. I really like the center of Block 4 with its four patch and triangle design. It reminds me of a harlequin pattern. Block 3 has another favorite pattern - the pinwheel.

I took a close up picture of the fabrics to better show the contrast. I still don't think that the camera shows how pretty these colors are together.

I put all the blocks together for a picture and noticed that only one of the blocks has a different green on the star points. I am wondering if I used the wrong fabric for number one? I will have to go and check now. I really hope it is right because I may have to do that one over. That would not be good!

Since I finished number four so early, I will have to wait awhile before the next one comes online. That will give me a chance to sew on some other projects. For some reason, I have been buying more fabric than usual in the past month. I have all these new projects and ideas swirling around in my head. I hope I can get them all finished!

My cats like to hang out with me when I sew. My cat Beau sat in my lap while I sewed today and my youngest kitty, Tag, helped me take pictures. Of course, if you leave a quilt or even just blocks lying about, some kitty will come and test out their softness. Tonight was no exception.

He definitely approved of the softness. In fact, it was just right for a nap!

That's it for me today too. Tomorrow I'll write about the other quilt in these pictures! Happy quilting! Debbie

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Margo said...

I thought the same thing that I had made an error on my choice of fabric...but if you have the original pic it is correct.....yours are looking good...